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Baby Lamb | Polymer Clay Earrings
Back to school Book marksBack to school Book marks
Back to school Book marks Sale price$25.00
Back To School Stud BagsBack To School Stud Bags
Back To School Stud Bags Sale price$25.00
Bad B*tch Juice Clay Earrings
Bailey | Polymer Clay Earrings
Bakery Mixer | Polymer Clay EarringsBakery Mixer | Polymer Clay Earrings
Bananas Sale price$14.00
Baseball Sale price$12.00
Baseball Uniform
Baseball Uniform Sale price$12.00
Basic Bunny Clay EarringsBasic Bunny Clay Earrings
Basic Bunny Clay Earrings Sale price$12.00
Basketball Sale price$12.00
Bats, Pumpkins, Ghourds, oh my!
Bird House Clay EarringsBird House Clay Earrings
Bird House Clay Earrings Sale price$12.00
Bitten Gingerbread Man | Polymer Clay EarringsBitten Gingerbread Man | Polymer Clay Earrings
Black and Pink Large Butterfly
Black Coffin with Gold or Silver Detail Earrings
Black Diamond Floral Clay Earrings
Sold out
Black Diamond Sunflowers | Polymer Clay EarringsBlack Diamond Sunflowers | Polymer Clay Earrings
Black Lamb Clay Earrings
Black Lamb Clay Earrings Sale price$18.00
Black Skull Floral Clay Earrings
Black Skull Sunflower Clay Earrings
Black Teardrop Floral Clay Earrings
Black/Gray Ombré Flower Polymer Clay Earrings
Blue Brontosaurus Clay Earrings